This programme is providing sustainability, green legacy,  skill and technology transfer among other benefits of economical opportunities and youth empowerment and sports tourism  to African  Canoe Federations  .

The project started in 2014 with support of ICF and Nelo Kayaks  is ongoing very well in Morocco  Federation which  is  doing commendable work . At this moment the following canoes and kayaks are ready :
4 C1 and 12 K1 and 6 K1 monotype for kids and 10 slalom for distribution to Clubs. At the end of project 60 Boats are expected to be produced and distributed to over 15 clubs in Morocco benefiting over 3000 youths.

The project is overseen by Morocco Federation headed by President Mr Mamoun Bel Abbas   with special recognition of Morocco Federation staff
*Mr Housni Bensaid*
*Mr Barkaoui Mohamed*
*Mr Aboudalal Abdelhak*

They have done fantastic job  and already already organized  two practicals trainings for almost 20 athletes/coaches.


MOROCCO will be host of the CAC Africa Junior and U23  Canoe Kayak Championships in March 2017

After start of Project in Tunisia last year  , the next  recipients of the Domestic Boat Project are  expected to be Sudan,  Egypt and Nigeria  who will start the Project  with support of ICF and Nelo Kayak who are partners in the Project with CAC .

Further planned projects for 2017 and 2018 are facing  a uncertain future due to financial challenges caused by Budget cuts , but positive outcome is hoped.
In Sha’Allah .

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